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ABS has been training professional bartenders since 1978.  We have over 43 years of unmatched experience and have trained thousands of graduates.  In our bartending program you will learn the creative and artistic skills of “Bartending” and “Mixology”.

Learning Mixology is Fun and Rewarding!

Are you looking for a career in the bartending?  Looking to learn how to make the most popular and trendy drinks? Or are you looking to have fun learning together with friends or co-workers? Anyway you want to learn, our instructors and our learning methods will make it fun and rewarding. We provide you with all the tools and textbooks you need to do our course.  You will earn a Diploma after completing our course.


Things to consider in choosing a Bartending School

State of Florida License

Since 1978, ABS has been one of the few school's licensed by the State of Florida Department of Education. We are authorized to offer students the mixology and bartending career education course.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors possess a wealth of knowledge from their many years of experience. Many of our instructors are still bartending so they stay on top of the trendy cocktails. Our instructors must also pass an extensive instructor training to be certified as ABS instructors.

Graduate Placement

ABS provides Graduate Placement Assistance to all its graduates. With your active involvement and success habits taught in our course, you should feel confident when searching for work. We have placed thousands of graduates since 1978.

Why ABS?

A big advantage aside from being one of the oldest and more established bartending schools, is our approach to student success. We know that “student success” comes with the “personal attention” our staff and instructors give students every step of the way.

ABS has been a leader in mixology and bartending education in the State of Florida for over 43 years. Our curriculum includes proven teaching methodologies from having taught bartending all these years as well as the constant revisions to include the latest industry trends.

We teach students the fundamentals and structure of bartending. These fundamentals are designed to help the student in any bartending career anywhere in the world.

Bartending Classes Online

To be the best learn from the best.       Experience counts and so do you!
Students simply cannot learn by reading, they have to learn-by-doing. Our creative online hands-on approach to bartending training is what makes use unique. We have decades of experience training successful bartenders at ABS. We teach with our high quality, hands-on approach, and focus on successfully putting the student behind bar.

Why American Bartending School

Since 1978, American Bartending School (ABS) has been successfully
training and placing bartending graduates at bars and restaurants in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area of Florida.

Hands-On Training

We offer a comprehensive, hands-on training program in a 45 foot fully equipped bar setting.

Job Placement & Employer Networking

Our job placement assistance and employer development program benefits graduates directly.


Upon graduating, students receive a diploma in Bartending/Mixology.

Learn mixology at American Bartending School
Small, Personalized Classes

We keep the classes fun and small so that our instructors can provide you with personalized attention.

Up-to-Date Classes

What is trending today may not be what is trending tomorrow. We keep up with and teach the latest trends in bartending and mixology.


We work with motivated students so to ensure that money never gets in the way of their goals.


Miklayla M.
I absolutely loved this class! David was a Phenomenal teacher who patiently answered all my questions & was beyond encouraging. I feel confident in my ability to bartend & sell myself to future employers. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to bartend.
Suehaelly C.
I’ve been in the Hospitality Business since I was 15.  Worked in the Clubs since 20 and just want to say how thankful I am for this class!  I’ve learned SO much from Free Pouring, Making over 100 Drinks and also helped with my speed.  I recommend every student to take this class.  It is worth every penny!!!  I also want to thank Ms. Pat and Jeff for the experience and all the valuable things they taught me.
Kailiana M.
I was caught between choosing this school or ABC Bartending School. Both were fairly close in distance. After speaking to Patricia, she had me sold on attending American Bartending School and I am glad that I did. I have gained so much knowledge and made lifelong connections. I graduated a week ago and already have 3 bartending jobs as well as several more interviews lined up. I suggest anyone who attend, really should take advantage of the placement opportunities provided! The staff there is absolutely wonderful. They all have worked in the industry before so they really know their stuff. It is a great environment to learn and everything is hands on. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking of becoming a bartender.
Caleb J.
This place is awesome. Taught me everything I needed to know in order to succeed behind the bar. Every single staff member is truly spectacular!
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