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Get excited about your future! Are you trying to become a bartender in Tampa, Florida or any of the surrounding areas like St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Pasco, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Lakeland At American Bartending School (ABS) in Tampa you can become a bartender in as little as 1 to 2 weeks. ABS has been training professional bartenders since 1978. We have over 40 years of unmatched experience and have successfully trained thousands of graduates in the Tampa-St. Pete area. In our program, you will learn the creative and artistic skills of “bartending” and “mixology.”

Professional Bartending Classes in Tampa, Florida!

We offer a 40-Hour Bartending Program in Tampa. If you are in Tampa, St. Petersburg,
Clearwater, Pasco, Bradenton, Sarasota and Lakeland, FL and want a bartending certification, enroll
in American Bartending School today! — BE THE BEST!!

There is no better way to teach the art of bartending and mixology in a shorter period of time than the 40 hours of bartending training in Tampa that we offer at American Bartending School. Students simply cannot learn by reading, they have to learn-by-doing. Our hands-on approach to bartending training is what sets us apart from the crowd. We have decades of experience training successful bartenders at our bartending school in Tampa. We only teach with our high quality, hands-on approach, and focus on putting the student behind our bar.

American Bartending School students receive real-world, hands-on training in our own 45-foot long fully-equipped bar. Our program is a comprehensive bartending training program in Tampa that is perfect for anyone in Tampa, Florida, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Pasco, Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakeland, that is looking to become a professional bartender.

Why American Bartending School

Since 1978, American Bartending School (ABS) has been successfully
training and placing bartending graduates at bars and restaurants in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area of Florida.

Hands-On Training

We offer a comprehensive, hands-on training program in a 45 foot fully equipped bar setting.

Job Placement & Employer Networking

Our job placement assistance and employer development program benefits graduates directly.


Upon graduating, students receive a diploma in Bartending/Mixology.


Small, Personalized Classes

We keep the classes fun and small so that our instructors can provide you with personalized attention.

Up-to-Date Classes

What is trending today may not be what is trending tomorrow. We keep up with and teach the latest trends in bartending and mixology.


We work with motivated students so to ensure that money never gets in the way of their goals.

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