How Bartending School Can Help Reverse Your Bad Habits

Experience Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

Maybe you were a bartender at one of the hottest clubs in Florida. Maybe You were a bartender in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or another large city. Maybe you even made over a thousand dollars a night at times! If you still are? That’s great! In fact, maybe we could use you as a guest instructor here at the American Bartending school of Tampa Florida. The chances are however, that you’re not here because you’re making a thousand dollars a night bartending.

That’s okay! We’re here to help get you pointed in the right direction; and while learning from the experts here at the American Bartending school of Tampa Florida may not amount to you making a thousand dollars a night in cash tips? It will help you become a more professional and sought after bartending & hospitality professional within our growing industry.

Here Are Some Commonly Practiced Bad Habits

  • Grabbing Ice With Your Hands- Sadly, this happens a lot. It’s not just an aesthetic issue however. It’s a sanitary issue; and some bars have been shut down for much less!
  • Ignoring Customers While On Your Phone- It happens to the best of us. But this modern day occurrence also creates a real problem within bars. Less attention to the customers means less money to the bar; and isn’t that the bottom line?
  • Drinking On The Job- This is a big “no, no” in the industry and is sadly one of the more common practices we’ve seen in bars across America. You aren’t there to party, you’re there to work. It not only looks unprofessional, it also creates a very toxic atmosphere.
  • Over Pouring- This is also a big “no, no” in the industry. Many bartenders practice this bad habit simply out of not knowing what a standard measured pour is. Others do it to increase the size of their tips. Either way? The bar loses money because of this practice.
  • Bringing Personal Baggage To Work- We get it. Life happens, and sometimes you need to vent. The problem is, many customers go into bars looking to relax or unwind themselves as well. You’re not a customer, you’re on the job. Remember that.

Here Are Some Ways To Fix Those Bad Habits

    • Grabbing Ice With Your Hands. Most of the bars you will ever work at have some sort of a scoop at the bar/or sanitary station. Use those scoops!
    • Ignoring Customers While On Your Phone. Sending those last texts, or making those last calls before your shift starts is a great way to avoid this problem!
    • Drinking On The Job. If a customer offers you a drink? Just say no! If your co-worker or boss offers you a drink? Politely decline. You’re working. If your boss or a coworker intimidates you into drinking on the job? Leave that environment. It’s likely not for you.
    • Over Pouring. This is more of a common sense issue than anything. Most bars have these things called “jiggers” that measure “the perfect shot” each time. Use those, or use your better judgement. Timing your pour is essential here! Try counting up: “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi” and stop after 2. Your pours will generally be “about right.”
    • Bringing Personal Baggage To Work. We can’t tell you how to feel. No one has that right. But, you are also serving others who are putting money in your pocket by being at your place of work. You are the life-blood of that bar. As such? You should always be ready to serve your customers with the full attention and respect they deserve. Wouldn’t you want the same respect paid to you when you’re spending your hard earned money?

We Hope This Helps You!

Bartending can be one of the most rewarding and exciting opportunities you’ll ever experience in life. You meet new people every day, you constantly learn new skills, and you become an amazing communicator. Just do yourself a favor, and remember one key thing: Be Professional.

Are You Ready To Take Things To The Next Level?

If you’re still not sure how to become a bartender, or you want to become a better bartender? You need to contact the American Bartending school of Tampa Florida today at: (813) 876-1616

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