I was caught between choosing this school or ABC Bartending School. Both were fairly close in distance. After speaking to Patricia, she had me sold on attending American Bartending School and I am glad that I did. I have gained so much knowledge and made lifelong connections. I graduated a week ago and already have 3 bartending jobs as well as several more interviews lined up. I suggest anyone who attend, really should take advantage of the placement opportunities provided! The staff there is absolutely wonderful. They all have worked in the industry before so they really know their stuff. It is a great environment to learn and everything is hands on. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking of becoming a bartender.

Kailiana M.

I did the two week class and I really feel as if I am ready to get out in the real world and get behind the bar! Ms. Wanda has been such a great instuctor and I’m so glad I decided to come to this school! Hands on expiernce and all the background knowledge I need to be a great bartender!!

Melissa S.

This place is awesome. Taught me everything I needed to know in order to succeed behind the bar. Every single staff member is truly spectacular!

Caleb J.

I attended American bartending school and it was the best choice I ever made. I was must honored to be taught by FATHER FLIP everything was hands on and always taught with rules on drinks and also words or phrases to remember the drink and questions or concerns Jeff and Pablo was always warm and welcoming with helping I would high recommend ABC BARTENDING to ANYONE it’s WORTH every DOLLAR it was a wonderful experience and also a joy take it you will not go wrong

Mikayla W.

The staff and teachers are so welcoming, it's just such a great environment to learn. Night classes were amazing! Pablo works diligently to be sure that you get matched with jobs that fit your personality. If you're considering doing something fun while learning, go here now!

Jamella M.

The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and make the course fun and informative. They honestly care about finding their graduates employment quickly but stick with you if it takes some time like it did for me. They use their expansive resources to find a place that fits your preferences and experience level. Awesome course!

Zack C.

Jeff, Cynthia, and Pablo are great instructors. They made learning fun, and worked around my schedule. The day I graduated (two week program) Pablo set me up with an interview at a place that ended up hiring me. If you want to learn bar tending basics, and get a skill set that will get you into a bar without prior experience this is it. If you study, and apply yourself in looking for employment you will get hired in the bar scene. Very good decision.

Sherelle M.

What an outstanding school! The instructors are very professional, knowledgeable and fun! I graduated a couple weeks ago and already have a job at a new restaurant in town. Pablo Foster is super dedicated to his students and graduates, ensuring that they find a job as soon as possible. He has a great network going on for job placement! Thank you ABS for making it happen!

Israel M.

This in my experience is the best bartending school. Friendly environment, amazing staff, I highly recommend this school for anyone that wants to learn the trade


This is such a great school and a great program.I had a blast meeting so many people, and learning so much if your going to go to any school i highly reccomend this one Pablo is such a grest teacher and makes learning fun

Hannah C.

It was definitely a great experience! The instructors are friendly and attentive. The night class was the best, Pablo was awesome he made class fun and hard not to pay attention he was always available to help with any questions or concerns any of his students had. For me, the best part is the hands on training. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!!

Jesie D

My learning experience in this school was incredible. The course packs in a lot of information and everything is hands on.Jeff, Cynthia, and Pablo are great instructors. They care about your success as a student and getting you employed after graduation. They made learning fun, and worked around my schedule. I would absolutely recommend this school.

Sherri B.