Why You Should Consider Bartending as a Part Time Job

Many people consider different part time options. Either to pay off school debt, get extra spending cash, or simply to supplement their regular 9 to 5 income. Part time jobs can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you find the right one. In the Tampa-St. Pete area of Florida, one of the best part time jobs there is for men and women of all ages is bartending. There are countless bars in the area, as well as restaurants that have full bars. Help is constantly needed at all of these establishments, and there are a variety of scheduling options for these jobs ranging from full time, to part time, and even temporary.

In addition to working at a bar, restaurant, hotel, or any other establishment that needs a bartender, you can also take up bartending at private parties, or work with catering providers. The options are really vast when it comes to bartending in Florida.

Top reasons to become a bartender:

  1. The money can be great, and you can earn a huge amount of cash tips
  2. You can get jobs at a variety of establishments (bars, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, etc.)
  3. The flexibility is great for people who have full time jobs or students
  4. It is a great skill to learn for your personal life
  5. Bartending can be a great way to get started in the hospitality industry

The benefits of becoming a bartender are really great. There are so many huge reasons why you should consider bartending if you are looking for an easy way to earn extra cash. All you need to do is find a reputable bartending school, enroll, and get certified. A certification from a reputable bartending school will do wonders for you when you are applying for jobs. It shows potential employers that you are serious, that you have the skills needed to succeed, and that you are ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Most employers don’t have time to train a brand-new bartender, so it is critical that you seek training yourself before applying. It will put you ahead of the competition when you are being considered for the job.

American Bartending School has over 40 years of experience training bartenders in the Tampa-St. Pete area of Florida!

Contact us today to find out about enrollment and get started on the path towards becoming a bartender.

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